Goodbye to one of the modern greats

Last week’s retirement of Huntingdonshire’s Charlotte Edwards, arguably the greatest captain of any England cricket team ever, and certainly one of the most successful*, could and should stand as a great figure in the nascent era of women’s cricket. As only the second woman recognised by Wisden, the long-running cricket almanac, in its 5 Cricketers of the Year feature (after Claire taylor in 2009), she stands as a wonderful inspiration to any young women who are getting into the sport.

The decision to make women’s cricket in England professional (as outlined in this excellent article in which Charlotte  is interviewed along with other professional sportswomen) along with the ECB’s Chance to Shine initiative have massively boosted the profile of women’s cricket already. Edwards is a shining example of what is possible.

*Stats from the BBC Article

Edwards for England
Tests: 1,676 runs from 23 matches at 44.10 average; four centuries and nine fifties
ODIs: 5,992 runs from 191 matches at 38.16; nine centuries and 46 fifties
T20s: 2,605 runs from 95 matches at 32.97; 12 fifties

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