Time for drinks

It is often mentioned to me that it is bizarre, given the weather in the UK, that we invented and play a sport which is much trickier or even unplayable in rain and damp conditions. The cricketing gods were unkind this week, and on Tuesday rather than spending the day umpiring County U15s, and the evening playing cricket at my former college, I instead had some drinks with three of my teammates.

One of these teammates is a very patient, solid and obdurate opening batter, as well as a doctor in training. The biggest challenge she faces is that opposition bowlers see her slight figure and decide to adjust their bowling pace in a bid to ‘not hurt her’. Ironically, this actually makes them far more erratic and prone to bowling balls which fly straight at her body or which bounce all over the place, making them harder for her to hit.

Off the back of a discussion of this, our conversation moved to the unfair and prejudiced practices in many restaurants in terms of requesting payment for a meal. It is still common practice for waiting staff to hand the bill or the card machine to the male presenting individual from a couple dining together. Although one of my teammates argued that he felt that practice was fair given the expectation that a man will invite a woman to dinner, I believe that this  is just another symptom of the same unfair set of expectations.

At least, as my teammate pointed out, the situation is better in the UK than in Greece. When he went to a high end restaurant there with his then girlfriend, they received seemingly identical menus. After discussing the options on offer, his girlfriend commented that this must truly be an expensive restaurant as there were no prices listed. Confused, my friend observed that he had prices in his menu. Then they realised that their menus were His and Hers…


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