Olympics retrospective and imminent return (of the blog, not the Olympics!)

So it turns out it’s hard to keep a blog going when you’re only home for four days in a month, and spending most of the time away at festivals, abroad, or working on summer camps. However, the summer draws to a close and I am on my way to the last festival of the summer, so stand by for the imminent return of regular posting… with plenty of material gathered in the interim.Phelps sexism.png

Meanwhile, it has been hard to watch the Olympics and not be aware of some of the unbelievable sexism on display in the media. I was considering writing an article on this, but many better placed and more erudite journalists than me have already put pen to paper, so this is instead a compilation of the best articles I’ve come across on the subject. It makes for some staggering reading at times…

There was at least a positive note for sports-minded LGBT+ people at this Olympiad, with the announcement of a same-sex engagement in the women’s Rugby team. With the last Winter Olympics leading to world leaders being embroiled in a row on Russia’s attitude to diversity in sexuality, any public celebration such as this can only help with visibility, and may help challenge prejudice.


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