Beating the boys

One of our dedicated readers recently forwarded me this article from the NY Times, which links in nicely to our post from a few weeks ago about girls and boys playing football together.

The article describes how a team made up entirely of girls participated in a junior football league, a sport which is almost entirely dominated by males in Spain, and won convincingly against the boys. When I was growing up in Spain myself, I remember playground kickabouts never included the girls, and in all honesty I cannot recall a time in twelve years there when I saw a girl take part in football. Your writer set out stock early by purchasing a whistle and some cards, and simulating refereeing… some things never change.

The article itself highlights what a difficult achievement this was, with women’s football in general marginalised and mostly ignored in Spain, which largely retains a strong machista culture. It doesn’t surprise me to see that this team emerged from my own region of Cataluña, an area notorious for its large progressive population and liberal values. It just shows what can be done when the psychological barriers are removed…


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