Pause. Return.

Every now and again, life gets busy. Either I have a lot of tutees, am away volunteering at festivals, or my mental health takes a dip. Sometimes in those gaps, the blog drops away for a few weeks; it’s not always the top priority, even though I passionately believe in the cause. Then something comes along and reminds me of how unbalanced and uneven our world can be.

Whether that’s news articles about sexist and anti-semitic writers for prominent newspapers, everyday sexist attitudes in sports governing bodies, or even social media accounts of women being harassed on a daily basis, there’s constant reminders that even in this relatively safe, privileged part of the planet, there’s issues to fight.

So B4BT will aim to be back on track from next week. In the meantime, here’s a reminder of why we need to question some of these attitudes and how they can be challenged.